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Solar control UV window film

Solar control window film is a self-adhesive laminate made up of layers of thin film modified by advanced coating processes. Professionally applied to the exterior or interior of the glass, solar control films filter sunlight, reject heat, glare and harmful UV radiation and at the same time allow natural light to come in.

Our films maintain the window’s transparency but controls the amount of solar energy radiating into the room, resulting in a cooler interior. This cuts cooling costs, reduces wear and tear on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment and lowers the buildings carbon footprint..

Benefits of Solar Film Across the Spectrum

Tintd - Solar Film - Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Lowers carbon emission
  • Prolongs HVAC equipment’s lifespan
Tintd - Solar Film - Comfort


  • Cooler interior temperatures
  • Reduced glare
Tintd - Solar Film - Protection


  • Protects furniture, flooring, curtains and people from UV damage
  • Improved daytime privacy
  • Holds glass in place in case of breakage
Tintd - Solar Film - Aesthetics


  • Enhances the appearance of your windows and doors
Solar control UV window film
Solar control UV window film

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